Нерђајућег челика дубоко Гроове куглични лежајеви

Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings provide several notable benefits when other materials pose problems. It offers greater chemical and corrosion resistance, along with better stability in high temperature environments.It includes Including SS6000,S6200,SS6300,S6800 etc.

Available Material:AISI440,420, or OEM

Захтев за понуду
SS16000 Series

SS16000 Series Bearing

Inch Series

Inch Series Bearing

СС6900 серија

SS6900 Series Bearing

Metric Series

Metric Series Bearing

СС6800 серија

SS6800 Series Bearing

СС6700 серија

SS6700 Series Bearing

СС6300 серија

SS6300 Series Bearing

СС6200 серија

SS6200 Series Bearing

СС6000 серија

SS6000 Series Bearing